Men’s Breakfast at Coomera

A group from Rod Squad met at BP Yatala early on Saturday morning, 16 July and cruised to the C3 church at Coomera for a Men’s breakfast. Also in attendance were members of God Squad, with a display of their bikes along with 8 hot rods from Rod Squad. We were all treated to a delicious breakfast of sausages, bacon and eggs and beans.

After breakfast there was a weight lifting competition to see who could do the most bench-presses.

There was a testimony by a converted professional musician who travelled with Keith Urban playing guitar. He testified that even with fame and fortune, he still felt emptiness but his life was turned around when he put his trust in Jesus Christ. He now has hope and new life in Christ.

The Pastor also gave an inspiring message

C3 Church breakfast 1a

C3 Church breakfast 2

C3 Church breakfast 3

C3 Church breakfast 4

C3 Church breakfast 5

Pics and story by Brian