Rod Squad at Groves Christian College Community Fair

Rod Squad was honoured to be invited to Groves Christian College this year for their Annual Community Fair on the 3rd of August. We took along five vehicles as a display and set up in the car park with our gazebo and banners. Colin and Brenda arrived in their Mercury and Plymouth, Brian in his roadster and Robert and Graeme in their Buicks.
We were joined by the Weir Family Racing Team of Justin and Tim and their dirt track racers and also Brendon from Adopt-a-Cop of the local constabulary in his little road-going four passenger quad police vehicle. Lots of giveaways kept the kids happy. In all, a display of the eight vehicles made a very interesting and informative highlight for the many thousands of people who came to the Fair.
The weather was perfect for the occasion and the food vendors provided delicious tucker for the visitors. The day was a great success for the college and Rod Squad were proud to be a part of it.IMG_0747IMG_074869036470_1712719278860921_3603099058761105408_o68852214_1712719225527593_4362869779761987584_o68468363_1712718935527622_3570342489950781440_o68916873_1712720918860757_3834122317366034432_o 68731947_1712721225527393_5465261947614134272_o