Goin’ Country 2019


Perfect weather for a cruise to Fernvale .  After meeting as usual at Ipswich for registration and some refreshments, we headed of on an observation run via Lowood to our destination at Fernvale.
As part of the observation run, we called in to the local Aged Care facility at Lowood and brought some enjoyment to the residents and staff.
They came out with their walkers and wheelchairs and reminisced about the good old days of yesteryear.
IMG_7594 IMG_7596
IMG_7597 IMG_7598
Some took the opportunity to check under the hood to see how the late model Ford engine was fitted
IMG_7599 IMG_7600 IMG_7601
One was even brought out in his bed!
IMG_7603 IMG_7605
On arrival at Fernvale, the smell of meat cooking was mouthwatering.  But tea and damper was served for afternoon tea
IMG_7606 IMG_7610 IMG_7611
The activity started and there was fierce competition with the crosscut saw, axe throwing and Hot Wheels racing.
IMG_7614 IMG_7616
Of course there were others that just wanted to watch
IMG_7617 IMG_7619 IMG_7622 IMG_7623 IMG_7627 IMG_7628 IMG_7629 IMG_7630 IMG_7631 IMG_7632 IMG_7633 IMG_7634 IMG_7638
Some just wanted to relax
IMG_7639 IMG_7641 IMG_7645
IMG_0419 IMG_0418
After our scrumptious dinner, there was the prizes and trophy presentation, and of course dessert.
IMG_7673 IMG_7675 IMG_7676  IMG_7677
Thanks to everyone who came and made our event such a success.