Goin Country 2012

Our Goin’ Country run this year was another lovely day. We met at Ipswich for registration and goodies pickup and a stroll around the park, then off for a pleasant cruise to Harrisville.

The spit roast was well under way with lovely aromas filling the area, and billy tea and damper were served. The afternoon activities included the usual axe-throwing, cross-cut saw, crazy bike, and this year we held the first racing event at the Harrisville Hotwheels Raceway. Fierce competition ensued.

There was a relaxed vibe for those who wanted to relax, and plenty to do if that was your preference. Of course the spit roast meal was a highlight of the event and as usual, very delicious.

After some fun stuff in the hall and all the giveaways, Shane asked the Lord’s blessing and a prayer for a safe trip home, then we were treated to a show of a couple of flame throwers before heading off.

We thank the Lord for another successful event.